Okay so big update time, since I’ve not posted much here about the project lately, but I’ve actually been working on it a whole bunch.

One of the biggest updates is 0.75, Tabula Rasa. This is a collection of major changes to the game word and gameplay:

There’s been a few thematic changes, some factions and items being altered, but mostly, 0.75 is all about mechanical improvements. The old quest system has been revamped hugely into a full-fledged NPC conversation system with branching dialogue trees and more.

In addition, a great deal of the generic templated NPCs are being replaced by unique, named NPCs who’ll all have their own quests, day-to-day schedules (the schedule code is actually already in place in 0.74), factions, and so on.

This is intended to really flesh out the game world and make it feel like more of a living, breathing place, rather than generic copy-and-paste NPCs all shambling around. I’m really excited with how it’s looking so far, and looking forward to sharing it when it’s done!

Another major improvement is the addition of a scripted introduction/tutorial sequence (which can be disabled), that introduces the player to the basic controls and game mechanics before letting them loose on the world. This should make things a lot less confusing at first.

There’s also dynamic tutorial messages explaining other game mechanics as they become relevant, such as a message explaining hunger when the player character starts to get hungry. These can also be disabled in the options if desired. 🙂

It’s going to be at least a couple more months (if not longer) before 0.75 is ready for a public pre-alpha build, but I’m working hard on the code and I think you’ll like how it’s shaping up. 🙂