The devlog for October 1st-6th:

  • Shopkeepers now have a maximum amount of money they’ll pay for an item, based on the player’s reputation with the shopkeeper’s faction, and their mercantile skill.
  • Replaced the old “wall-of-text” item examination system with a new ‘pop-up’ window that displays item details more clearly.
  • Ported over several old zones from the pre-overhaul world, complete with fixes where needed.
  • Rebuilt and expanded the dynamic wilderness spawn lists.
  • Added resources, as part of the groundwork for a new, revised crafting system.
  • Rebalanced the drop rates for various tiers of treasure items.
  • Added a JRPG-style combat menu, making combat turn-based rather than auto-attacking and relying on the player to use special abilities in time.
  • Removed the foraging system entirely, as it wasn’t working out well; instead, foraged items (sticks, wood, fruit, etc.) now spawn directly in wilderness rooms at random.
  • Various bug fixes.