Hokay, so I’ve been kinda lax on the updates here recently, but development of Krasten is still very much ongoing. :3 I just want to cover a few of the new features I’ve been working on in the last few months.

A big first one to mention is some major improvements to the NPC AI. There’s a new branching conversation system, a vastly improved faction standing system, an overwork of enmity, more social interactions between NPCs, and more. :3

Combat’s had a massive overhaul, permadeath is back (with certain ways to avoid it), there’s varied starting scenarios, new areas, new NPCs, new items and weapons, a huge overhaul of the database engine, in-game tutorials and a scripted intro sequence, and a whole lot more. 😀

Bad news is, I won’t have a public build of this available for a while – there’s a LOT of things I want to improve and fix, and I’m not gonna be happy releasing anything for a while yet. But I’ll try to keep new developments and updates posted more regularly here in future. ^^