September 2019 Devlog #1

The devlog for September 1st-8th: Updated all the old tutorial to use the new “pop-up” system. Adjusted linked faction gain/loss for various NPC factions: Basilisk Corps, criminal underworld, Eclipse Systems, Green Cross, Indigo Guard, law-abiding citizens, Liang Foundation, Lustrum Syndicate, Mercury Holdings, ne’er-do-wells, New Teutonic Order, Order of Purity, Outer Sun Industries, Proxima Accord, R┼Źnin,…

August 2019 Devlog

I’ve not been posting much by way of updates about the Krasten project lately, so I’m going to summarize the changes and improvements made to the game over the month of August. It’s been a bit of a slow month for development, but among other things: Certain interior rooms can now be set to have…

Twitter Jun 15 2019 @Gravecat

Pleased with today’s coding progress on @KrastenGame; I’ve added some sweet weapon and armour selection screens to character creation. :3

Twitter Apr 14 2019 @KrastenGame

Hokay, so I’ve been kinda lax on the updates here recently, but development of Krasten is still very much ongoing. :3 I just want to cover a few of the new features I’ve been working on in the last few months. A big first one to mention is some major improvements to the NPC AI….

Changelog: January 6th 2019

Finished putting together the first version of the scripted intro/tutorial sequence. Various bug fixes: Vehicle wrecks now have the correct weight Vehicle/construct wrecks are now correctly described as wrecks while looting them “Bury” menu option now longer appears for vehicle/construct wrecks. Captain Stovall’s quest no longer starts immediately upon starting the scripted tutorial sequence. Equipping/unequipping…