Twitter Dec 30, 2018 @Gravecat

Oh fuck, I love this. Wanting to test some updates I’d made to NPC social code in @KrastenGame, I spawned in a bunch of generic NPCs to try to get them to chat to each other. And they got angry and started murdering each other instead.

Twitter Dec 30, 2018 @KrastenGame

Okay so big update time, since I’ve not posted much here about the project lately, but I’ve actually been working on it a whole bunch. One of the biggest updates is 0.75, Tabula Rasa. This is a collection of major changes to the game word and gameplay: There’s been a few thematic changes, some factions…

Twitter Dec 30, 2018 @Gravecat

Tinkering more with the new fire effect on @KrastenGame’s title screen, because it’s fun. >.> Added some wind influence, heat variance and hot spots. 00:00 to 00:10 = original fire effect 00:10 to 00:20 = yesterday’s effect 00:20 to 00:30 = today’s tweaks

Twitter Nov 8, 2018 @KrastenGame

It’s been a pretty productive day of coding today! I’ve added a couple of new colour palette options for colourblind users (thanks to Xaph for the help!) and revamped the options screen from the crowded mess it was before (first pic) to multiple options screens (second pic). ^^

Twitter Oct 30, 2018 @KrastenGame

Just because “why not”, I’ve added a second, alternative font to Krasten! They can be toggled back and forth at any point via the options screen. They’re both here to stay, but which do you guys like best? I can’t decide which one I like more. :3 #gamedev #indiedev