Twitter Oct 25, 2018 @KrastenGame

Among other things, today’s project update includes taxis, which you can use to take a quick trip to a previously-explored, road-accessible area! Adding a regional minimap to the destination selection menu was tricky, but I think it worked out really well. :3 #gamedev #indiedev

Twitter Oct 2, 2018 @KrastenGame

Neat feature update of the day: as the player’s sanity level gets lower, the minimap in the HUD becomes less and less useful.

Twitter Oct 1, 2018 @KrastenGame

Not a huge amount to report lately, but today I’ve added in some early code to support mouse input. It’s still kinda experimental, but the long-term goal is to allow the game to be playable via either keyboard, gamepad or mouse (or any combination of the above). :3

Twitter Sep 26, 2018 @KrastenGame

New feature in today’s AI updates: it’s now possible for NPCs who hate each other (incompatible faction and alignment) to get into fights if one NPC threatens or insults the other. Also, NPCs will sometimes join fights to aid their friends against mutual foes.

Twitter Sep 25, 2018 @KrastenGame

More work on the new starting zone and story quests today, along with some code improvements by necessity: quests can now have prerequisites, and — for the sake of a target-practice room — I’ve added the ability for a single room to spawn multiple NPCs/enemies at once. #gamedev