Twitter Sep 24, 2018 @Gravecat

A brief summary of the rad #gamedev stuff I’ve been doing in Krasten lately: massively improved NPC AI, added sleep cycles and pathfinding NPCs can now fight each other (kinda buggy) started an overhaul of the game-start area including a main story quest many bug fixes

Twitter Jul 21, 2018 @Gravecat

Twitter Oct 20, 2017 @KrastenGame

New Krasten gameplay video on YouTube now, showing off some of the new features:

Twitter: Oct 19, 2017 @KrastenGame

Been adding some new class-specific abilities to the game over the last couple of days. More to come! :3

Twitter: Oct 18, 2017 @KrastenGame

A preview of the new sanity system that’ll be in Friday’s public pre-alpha release, along with the alcohol and blood toxicity systems.